Friday, May 2, 2008

No to Racism and Yes to Activism

No to Racism and Yes to Activism

Further to Message to Jimmy, Message to Gold Coast Driver and Message to Ross Nelson, the illustrious Morons & White Trash outlet like TCN 9 deliberately incited racism and some fools are following it. That does not make it right.

According to Australian Values former Prime Minister John Howard conspired The Strip Search of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk to make Israel happy and Legs are Open for Business again shows that Australian politicians will do anything for Israel.

Australian Crying Wolfe is just one more example of continuously growing prejudice and bigotry industry in Australia.

Dave Madden’s Madness takes back to the real madness with taxi drivers’ safety. This arrogant person refused to speak with anyone and produced the $1000.00 per word report which got no scientific and realistic value whatsoever.

The NSW Department of Transport and Ministry of Transport got an allergy towards democracy and free speech.

They refuse to talk to taxi drivers regarding taxi drivers’ safety. They also refuse to have any input from community, taxi drivers in their Taxi Advisory Council. However, they are enslaved by the NSW Taxi Council Pty Ltd! Things went worse since writing of The Emergence of the "Taxi Council"!

The Transport Workers Union and its failure to represent Taxi would be another eye opener.

Gas Chamber Bound Jews, Zionist Terror Gang , Do You Know Musa?, Islam is Incompatible with Democracy, "Ugly Judaism Is Incompatible With Any Religion and Zionism Is Incompatible With Any Civilised Society may have angered the Zionist establishment and they are using you to settle their scores with Faruque. But gain, Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela made a joint statement while Bill was president of USA and caught up in a media snub like Mel Gibson’s Passion of Christ’s Oscar snub.

Oh, don’t worry about censorship and place your comments in blogs mentioned in this article without any fear or favor.

--- On Thu, 1/5/08, Ross Nelson wrote:
From: Ross Nelson Subject: RE: Re; Big win for the NSWTDA "$1 Gas Levy" campaign !To: "'union_faruque'" , nswtdaforum@yahoogroups.comReceived: Thursday, 1 May, 2008, 9:37 PM

Where is the censor now?

The NSW TDA non Media manager is allowed to broadcast the crap below huh?

On the surface the shirt removal was a brilliant idea to get international attention. (National attention was already gained.)

They were not that smart however. The reason some protesters that spoke on ABC radio gave for taking off their shirts was to show the colour of their skin. They were turning a genuine protest about a seriously injured driver into a lose- the- public over-kill about Melbourne people treating brown skinned people like shit.

They lost the public and certainly lost Wally Hunt of the VTDA who said. “We supported them last night but do not support them now. We have secured meetings with the government and things are already under way. They should all go back to work or go home now.”

Oh by the way, Michael Jools accepted the invitation to speak on Melbourne radio yesterday afternoon.

When the Herald Sun contacted me I referred them to the VTDA.

Who called you amhed? Nobody as usual right?


--- In, "redbackdiamond" wrote:
Re: Alan Jones on Taxis.

Unfortunately if you waited for 2 years to get some action on safety you have waited too long. A group of mainly Indian drivers got some action in just 5 minutes in Melbourne the other day. You can pussyfoot around all day or get a real result. People have been pussyfooting around in this industry for too long. I am a Gold Coast taxi driver and I'll be doing my best to organise a similar rally for here. 8 bucks an hour in an unsafe working environment with a police force and taxi company who couldn't give a rats arse. Better conditions is what we want and we want them now!!


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